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Get personalized transportation for your individual needs.

RATS is committed to providing transportation to anyone in need. Although many of our passengers are elderly or have a disability, absolutely anybody can use RATS services. We provide transportation to medical centers in Rockbridge County as well as surrounding areas, local health care appointments, work, shopping, civic and social activities, and more. We transport for anyone; recently we have provided taxi services, shuttles for weddings and summer day camps, and services for local universities including VMI, Washington and Lee, SVU, and DSLCC.

Please explore the Scheduling a Ride tab in the Services drop-down menu for additional information on scheduling a ride. When in doubt, just give us a call!

"Before my mother passed away in 2009, I learned firsthand the value of RATS. Mary Frances was a diabetic and she became wheelchair bound the last couple years of her life. Medical appointments became a real burden. Getting my mother out of her wheelchair and into my car had become nearly impossible, and it was physically and mentally taking its toll on both my mother and me. The staff at Kendal suggested I use RATS to transport her. Before that time, I actually knew nothing about RATS. I quickly became one of their biggest fans. I even asked RATS if they would take my mother to my child's high school graduation ceremony and then to my home for a gathering of family and friends on a Saturday to which they obliged. For this, I was most grateful."

-Family member of a former Rockbridge Area Transportation Rider